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Even though cleft palate and cleft lip typically happen together, the odds of getting them are different.
In the United States, 1 in 900 children are born with a cleft lip, where only 1 in 2500 are born with a cleft palate.
I had both.

But I am also left handed, part of the 12% of the world that is.

But I am also naturally ginger, which occurs in about 2% of the population.

I have no idea, but apparently I have all the luck.

Except. Wait.
I don’t.

Basically though, Im one in a million.

So while Im feeling good about myself, here is my face.

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    My eye color changes. Sometimes they’re blue, other times hazel, and still other times grey, so I didn’t take that...
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    My mom is a natural redhead and a natural lefty. But she didn’t have the cleft stuff. What color are your eyes and what...
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